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  1. Arabian Princess

    2009/06/04 - 02:36 م

    I don’t expect much from Obama, but at least his dialouge with us (arabs) is more repectful than Bush .. He being the US president would def. have israel as a strong allie, we need to accept that.
    I am saying this before listening to the over-rated speach .. Let me hear it and maybe I will change my mind :p

  2. بوشناب

    2009/06/09 - 03:03 م

    Aware of… let us waiting for a bit and the unfolding events of the hidden behind the walls, especially things in our favor
    We all know Baldgol with the Congress and the President of the Zionist Albitagon Golan
    Respect and appreciation for your generous

  3. Raed

    2009/06/26 - 03:55 م

    well now that you have heard it? what do you think?

  4. Raed

    2009/06/26 - 03:55 م


  5. Raed

    2009/06/26 - 03:56 م

    بارك الله لك في موقعك و إن شاء الله لنا زيارة.

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