Being moi


This brings me back to my early college years when a professor of English has asked : describe your room please?

To which I have answered : an organized chaos. I answered without missing a beat.


He smiled, came after class and said :Young man, is it possible to use your answer as a title to a poem I have been writing?


من صجك يا ريال.. سهالات يا ابن الحلال خذها.

تسلم يا بعدي.


The picture above shows my staff at a café, and I am like وايد ماخذ راحتي.

  1. Musouka

    2008/08/23 - 08:50 م

    ألم يقل أحدهم: وخير جليسٍ في الزمان “لابتوبُ” :)

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