i was thinking hard about this one when my cousin (13 years old ) passed by the pc and went like : who cares? pretty much around what I was looking for.

oh yeah click the pic …

  1. ماريد أحط اسمي

    2007/07/25 - 04:06 ص

    confusing, you were thinking hard about a picture says our own English high school. Why were you thinking hard Raed? and why your cousin acted like that. is because you were thinking hard or because she doesn’t care about the English high school. and why the picture is so small? it’s either i am missing the point or that i am stupid

  2. Raed

    2007/07/25 - 05:17 ص

    well… you know how sometimes something gets under your skin but you can’t like pin point it ? this is more or less it was hard for OMAR my cousin, he was like who cares when it came to the School’s name,and if you click the pic then you would be able to see the full pic. Nope you ain’t stupid its just that I wasn’t able to explain it well :)

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