Mr. Danger

  1. Noor

    2006/08/13 - 01:36 م

    *huge round of applause*
    I love this guy, wallah wallah I love him.
    Huge shour out to all the venzy peeps out there, you have one hellava prez.

    The first commander of any country to condemn Bush for all the masscares he has commmited in such a heartfelt way !

  2. ScarlO

    2006/08/14 - 04:59 ص

    See? Everybody misses your posts

    So you might as well quit being dalloo3 and post us something already. Cut off that russain stuff you’re doing and give work a finger for just a wee bit and post something for us dedicated readers!

    Yesh, I’m angwy

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