Activity 2: Roles.

Step 2 in building your personal mission statement is finding out what roles you play in your daily life? Once you have, then you identify the key people concerned with this role and clarify with few statements what you want to do.  

Dr. Covey lists 6 roles for you to list down and I will share one along the  clarifying statement

Role: Employee

Key People related to this Role: Employer, Colleagues, clients

Clarifying statement:

contribute with value added work

Build teams, support colleagues

ensure client’s satisfaction.

Be spotted for my positive attitude


Ladies you could include a role of being a mother, wife, daughter think hard you will find many roles even when you are a household. Guys, being a hunk is a status it’s not a role so spare me already.


  1. Um3azzan

    2010/01/18 - 12:25 م

    Interesting, though I think as a career woman, a mother and wife I get all those roles crossing each other. I will start this task and it will put in a position where I would have to prioritize which I don’t know if I can :p

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