Values 2010.

Happy new year everyone, I wish you a great year and please stop thinking that the world is coming to an end in 2012 unless you decide on giving all your money away then please hesitate not and send me an e-mail.

Well, let’s get to the point of this blog entry: I have adopted Steven R. Covey’s concept of 7 habits of highly effective people for the past 3 years, and to a certain degree it enabled me to achieve many goals. So this year, yours truly decided on sharing with you the steps of how it goes.


First: Values.

I will start with the values I set for myself for this year and I hope some of you see this as a useful guideline in building their own system.


1.       Professionalism.

·         I do excellent work every day regardless of circumstances.

·         I am open to ideas of others.

·         I have a positive attitude.

·         I am a team player.

·         I conduct myself in a world class manner.


2.       Spirituality.

·         I set an example of what a Muslim is.

·         I gossip not.

·         I keep God in mind throughout my acts.

·         I train myself to reach peace within.


3.       Education.

·         I learn daily, and practice that which I have learned.

·         I am a dedicated student.

·         I appreciate experts in their fields.

·         I seek knowledge with all my will.


4.       modesty.

·         I never think high of myself.

·         I accept positive criticism.

·         I put myself in others’ shoes.

·         I always compare myself to those who are greater and learn from them.


5.       Kindness.

·         I think of those who are less fortunate.

·         I help those in need, I focus on efforts and trust fate with results.

·         I treat others in a way where I am patient with shortcomings.


6.       Truth.

·         I seek truth in everything I say and do.

·         I search for accurate information.

·         I accept the outcome of truth.

·         I lie not.


7.       Firmness.

·         I am objective.

·         I go by facts and figures.

·         I do not compromise the standards I live by.


8.       Beauty.

·         I recognize beauty in all situations.

·         I appreciate taste and class in almost everything.

·         I believe in a prettier future for myself, my family and my nation.


9.       Humor.

·         I draw smiles on all the faces I see.

·         I make people feel better.

·         I laugh with people and NOT at them.


10.   Fitness.

·         I continue to lead a healthy life style.

·         I exercise 5 times a week.

·         I never get full!

·         I eat to live and not live to eat.  

  1. Um3azzan

    2010/01/03 - 09:00 ص

    Interesting way of making goals. The way I do it, I set major “projects” or “plans” ahead of me and work on making sure they are completed.
    Hope you manage to live your values, maybe you should tell us at the end of this year (inshallah) how did it go.

  2. Ali Al Hababi

    2010/01/04 - 10:10 م

    high values, and i wish everyone of us can do it & if not educate his self to do it, thanks Raed& keep aiming high.

    Best wishes

  3. Raed

    2010/01/10 - 11:41 ص


    This is a first step in coming up with a personal Mission Statement

    so the next step is already posted. Would like to know how you feel about that.


    thanks for the kind words.

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