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Well I have always promoted the book “My sister’s keeper” I loved it, simply because of how it reduces you to tears at all these emotions mixed up in an almost classical style to a point where you do not know what is right and what is wrong.



So I did follow my favorite writer Jodi Picoult on and she wrote the following :

jodipicoultAt last! The movie poster for My Sister’s Keeper – in theaters June 26!

To which I replied to like any loyal fan would (kiss up with style..J/K) know I meant every single line of what I have written


RaedKun@jodipicoult Congrats! Kudos to the only book of modern times that gave same chills I had when I’ve read Dostoevsky’s work..

To my amazement this great writer actually replied with :

jodipicoult@RaedKun I’ll take that compliment, thanks!

about 3 hours ago from web in reply to RaedKun

it felt cool, I felt know like connecting with my favorite writer (isn’t this what the internet is all about? Bringing people together?)  I know I know y’all probably going like : what the heck this guy is blogging about twitting and twitting about blogging! Where does this end ? Can a life be that boring ? well you know what screw you.. It made my day, it’s my first cool twitter experience and I am proud of it.


  1. Catism

    2009/05/21 - 12:50 م

    I thought you once said to me that you avoid being close to alive authors.

    So you broke that rule 😉

  2. Arabian Princess

    2009/05/21 - 03:41 م

    Its intresting to see you out of all people praising twitter :)
    I joined twitter but I did not get the point, now it is just making a little bit of sense actually. I would love to connect with people I admire like writers.

  3. Raed

    2009/05/21 - 04:03 م


    I never read to recent (Arab Writers) but I always did to ones other than nope I never broke the role you spoke of

    I have to be in a prison cell in a whale’s stomach to open a book by غازي القصيبي ، عبدالرحمن المنيف، وداد الكواري، أحلام المستغنماني…

    I only read وليد الحضيف which I truly enjoyed but its more like articles and not a book.



    out of all people me… why is everyone so like freaked out? OH my GOD U twittering?

    by the way I also follow Kevin Spacey I think he writes considerably well.

  4. ScarlO

    2009/06/11 - 01:02 م

    That’s very awesome! I would have never thought that you’d end up totally loving Picoult and follow her on Twitter!

    Have you read her latest work, Handle With Care? It reminds me A LOT of My Sister’s Keeper, it almost sounds like a sequel to it. Or an imitation of it. Kinda disappointing, plot-wise but still mesmerising language–wise

  5. Raed

    2009/06/26 - 03:57 م

    Scarlo.. you are alive? that’s good news… well I couldn’t have thanked you enough for the book recommendations but I am totally absorbed with Japanese it’s not even funny!

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