iphone, bookcase Japanese and couple of other things.

I am thinking of starting to rate all the shops that I go to over here in Qatar in terms of customer service to serve like a database to those who would want to know. I know some of these experiences are a bit personal and it does not mean at all that what I have gone through is what some of the readers would windup with but heck; a guideline is better than nothing so appreciate please!

What else?  Japanese course-3 has started and it’s taking awful lots of time. A 3 hour class three times a week is a killer plus all the assignments and other stuff! Reminds me I have to write my journal to AZUMA SENSEI our cool teacher.

I am trying as hard as I can to keep track of all my expenditure but damn it is hard! Certain iphone applications (yeah I know I like to brag about my iphone and I have finally became part of Qatar Foundation’s inner snob shallow circle who look like Tango dancers as they swipe their hands across their iphone screens.) are helpful but still the whole thing needs discipline.

Listening to 7 Habits of highly effective people, did the thing before but it’s sort of refresher you must be careful though to know when to stop further pursuit in trying to have control over your life would make you a victim of NLP and other junks.

What else?  I do not feel 30 man, I just thought it would be you know.. whoa I am so mature I am silly as ever, is that normal?  Oh I did fix my new bookcase and like always I will share with you the whole thing in depth. (don’t know when yet..so Y’all wait.) Of course that means many of the duplicate books (mostly Arabic) I must give away, I kinda short listed those who would actually read it and I am down to 2 ladies, but currently I am roaming around with  books  in my car.

That’s it for now.. Y’all have a lovely long weekend.



  1. Driver

    2009/04/17 - 09:28 م

    the shop-rating thing would be great, why not start something on facebook?
    i like the saudi site http://www.qaym.com/
    but its only for restaurants,

    lol, من عاب استعاب
    drop that i phone man, keep it real 😛 get a nokia

    what are the books you wanna give away?
    i might be interested in giving them a home

  2. raed

    2009/04/19 - 08:35 ص

    thanks for the link it looks cool but the thing is it’s a whole website, you know it’s like big and all

    Screw Nokias they suck.

    well couple of novels I am not sure if you and I share the same taste .. but here goes :

    رسالة من منزل الأموات- دوستويفسكي.
    المقامر- دوستويفسكي.
    مجموعة مقالات محمد الغزالي. 3 أجزاء.
    نعيشها لنرويها- جابريل غارسيا.
    آل موت- لا يحضرني اسم الكاتب الآن.
    ملحمة القفقاس رواية (3 أجزاء)- محي الدي قندور.

    anything of interest?

  3. Driver

    2009/04/19 - 03:43 م

    yah actually!
    I’d like the first three

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