Kilmtcom Updating

So I have been busy with updating, as I have promised long ago. I do fail to remember when, but hey! I did mention it at a point and you guys went on and on about how hard it was to read , and how uninviting it is so.. Behold the new layout, well at least Phase-1 of it.

Phase-2 is gonna kick ass, believe you me. It’s gonna get you tuned and be like WHOA! This guy is just out there.. (yeah I hear you it’s just a blog, I love you too)

Hope it looks decent enough (You better agree or am gonna seriously drop some baskets look there has been a great deal of effort that went into this, YALL HAVE TO LIKE IT)

  1. Arabian Princess

    2009/02/25 - 07:42 ص

    woow, this is not just a blog its something more .. ma3raf 3ad what to call it! :)
    just a correction though, Sama Oman is a girl and you put her under kalamhum :p

  2. Raed

    2009/02/26 - 01:06 ص

    lets call it my world :) I know that the visitors are not many, but I wish to give them something special both in layout and content whenever they are by.

    This is only phase-1 … I will give the designer a chance to catch her breath once we are over with fine tuning this layout..

    I do appreciate any suggestions that anyone has.. I might not implement it straight ahead, but rest assure that it will be considered and will be included in future updates inshulla.

    as for the link, its done already.


  3. Driver

    2009/03/02 - 01:21 ص

    thought I liked the old theme, minus the notepad lines, it was “hard to read” this is more vibrant I guess,
    but it feels too commercial, the old one felt more personal,

    I liked the category boxes at the end of the page and the videos bar :) can’t wait to see the final version,

    best of luck, always,

  4. Raed

    2009/03/02 - 08:16 ص

    Diver Many thanks..

    I know, I kinda long for the old one, but it is the same way I long to my own childhood.

    I guess with this one comes growth, more exposure and I am hoping that this site will enable both you the reader and myself to understand one another better than we did with the old layout .. (dude it’s just a layout!)

    lol ..

    Anyways thanks.. and I wish you could share with me your own thoughts about the video featured.

    You have a good one.

  5. Driver

    2009/03/03 - 11:51 م

    :) I appreciate your opinion as well,
    I’ve seen the video a long time ago, it is very humbling, and gives me a sense of contempt, if thats’ the word,
    people really forget where they came from and what they are ending to, they stop being thankful,

    here’s a more cheerful take on that 😛

  6. Raed

    2009/03/05 - 07:51 ص

    Awesome! LOL.. GIVE IT TIME ITS GOING TO SPACE.. this guy rocks. Thanks for sharing Diver :)

    You can click on the youtube little icon at the bottom of the main page to watch whatever I am messing about on Youtube


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