Personal update

Alrighty, so I owe you guys an apology..

Coming to think of it , it is kinda weird that I feel a bit guilty towards you, yes you the reader! I mean I do not get any funds from you people, It’s not like you’re my boss or my spouse i.e. having the power to make my life miserable, and like I do not know you people to begin with.. but I still feel guilty for not keeping you posted with my recent affairs so here goes :


I was admitted to the hospital for a day during Ramadan; it was all scheduled and as it turns its all well.  الحمدلله

Japanese is going good to it started becoming a bit more difficult, like with grammar and all but hey:

لاتحسبن المجد تمر أنت آكله____لن تبلغ المجد حتى تلعق الصبرا

I shall introduce a new character to the blog: Mr. X , Mr. X used to occupy a post of a high status but is living in denial always now that he is no longer the boss. Anyways, Mr. X asked me while I was going through my Japanese vocabularies:

تعرف تتكلم و تكتب بالإنجليزي؟

And I was like على قدي أطقطق then he goes on and on about how important it is for people like me to speak eloquently in English (his English is like one that uses many jargons and is filled with Grand Canyon of grammatical holes) Anywhoooo … I kept going  and I was like : Mr.X ما شاء الله عليك   


I will speak a bit more about it at a dedicated post, just know that Mr. X is your typical local boss who hammers the desk going : ده تهريج

My uncle gave me another novel by my favorite author Jodi Picoult

 who is the only living writer that I would leave Japanese on the side to.

Someone recently popped a question: Raed what is it you do at your new work? I have yet to find an answer.. lol.

My old Staff still keeps calling and wishing for me to come back which is kind of a priceless feeling.

One of the companies that I have contacted to redesign the blog goes :

Why don’t you consider having a website and the blog can be part of it , it will only cost you $1000.00 !!

Only… How on earth can $ 1000.00 be associated with the word (Only) beats me.. but while I am at over exceeding my needs I had a sudden urge to reply with : How about I buy a villa for 4.5 Million Qatari Reyals only and then buy a new computer to log to my new site where a blog is only a part of it  at the beating price of $1000.00 only!


started watching house M.D. season 5… don’t I just love that show? couple of lines in there were so awesome I spent the whole night thinking about… well discuss it on its own.

And that’s about it in a nutshell.


Well post soon enough, Now that internet is restored at my place after we have experienced some networking issues.

This post has been drafted while I am half asleep… so  mind any mistakes :)  

  1. Haya

    2008/10/06 - 09:43 ص

    Let me know how you like the novel. I started reading it few months ago, but the beginning didn’t get me as much as My Sister’s Keeper, and didn’t go on. Currently reading Shantaram

    Hey, I wanna watch House M.D S5. too. Just found out 4 episodes are
    already up and I haven’t seen any

  2. ورق مخطط

    2008/10/06 - 10:59 ص

    welcomeback raed and
    thank you for that apology

  3. متفرغ

    2008/10/06 - 01:17 م

    ما تشوف شر حجي رائد …. ما لومك اذا تتعلم اللغة اليابانية لانهم بصراحة شعب لا صار و لا استوى فالتكنولوجيا و العادات و التقاليد و اسلوب التعامل مع الغير … موفق انشالله :)

  4. Musouka

    2008/10/06 - 01:27 م

    أقول اليابانين ما عندهم ما عند جدتي، خخخخ

    And this code switching is driving me nuts

  5. Musouka

    2008/10/06 - 02:02 م


  6. Raed

    2008/10/07 - 06:56 ص

    well I am like slowing down a bit, I am so absorbed with Nihongo (I am so in owe of these CDS .. thanks again Heya)

    ورق مخطط

    Ahh… welcome?


    Agree with ya…


    Hounto deska? Ja, Naze Nihongo o obenquishtimasu?

  7. Musouka

    2008/10/07 - 11:08 ص


    من تعلم لغة قوم أمن شرهم.

  8. القطوية

    2008/10/07 - 08:48 م

    Go here:

    And learn how to do it yourself :)

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