happy me..

Course 2 is out of the way, and now I must revise… revise.. before moving to the KANJI nightmare. On a different note, I was admitted to ER last night, kidney stones seem to be an inheritance that we cannot let go of! And no, no family member was told apart from few selected ones just in case I was to be admitted for a longer stay. Thankfully my mother is computer illiterate so she does not know and she should not.

Anyways.. It nothing serious 2 mm of a stone, or something like that.. But hey, there I was the nurse was trying to chain me down, while I was going over my vocabularies and walking around the ER taking pictures of cool stuff that I am yet to post.

اقعد ولك… تتحركش

Guys be cool, drink lots of water… Enjoy life to the fullest and remember: there is a reason to laugh even when you’re in ER!

  1. Musouka

    2008/08/23 - 08:55 م

    Don’t push yourself too hard, lest you get burnt out

    خطاك الشر يا بعد طوايفي، تقوم بالسلامة يا عم :)

  2. layal

    2008/08/24 - 10:01 ص

    ما تشوف شر

    تذكر اعلنا
    caribou caffe

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