Music Oh Music.

So I am like quiet obsessed nowadays with music by you-tubers. Oh yes.. y’all heard me right, (or should I say read me right?) anyways..


I have left the world of Billboard top 100 long ago, deciding that there are more tunes, better music, and a wonderful world out there other than the junk fat greedy producers stuffed our ears with. My take on the whole thing, was that I kept getting sick and tired of top 10 at a shorter time ( it sticks for few rewinds and thats about it..) Were the musicians to blamed? Not at all, a universe was made out of making money and making money only True, some broke the chain, and compromised not on what they believed in, but that was not the mainstream it just did not sell as well as Britney or little Bow Wow.  


Now youtube came in as a refuge for those who wished for more and there I was; arms wide open, asking to be saved.. (Kinda dramatic, but I am in my Drama Queen mood!)


so lets cut through the chase


The first clip is by the talented bokumystar يخرب بيت صوتها honest to God, even if you do not understand the lyrics just hear how mesmerizing her voice is

 عليها  حتة دين صوت… آخ منها بس.


the second is by  BenChanViolin being a bleach’s fan he did the most amazing  solo of  Bleach’s never meant to be . Now if that does not transcend you to a beautiful world.. try شعبان عبد الرحيم   or  هيفاء وهبي ! not to feel bad this stuff ain’t meant for everyone.


In addition to him being a talented violinist, he has a great sense of PR. I leave that for you to figure out Dear Reader.


lastly, another fan playing Tomiko Van’s farewell. What Good is post discussing music without a Piano piece to be praised


Hope yall find something in the pieces that I’ve included. Again the soul purpose is for you to recognize and appreciate talent in places other than what you perceive to be the only pool.


P.s: all of them are Jpops.. hmmm.. Omoshiroiß interesting in Japanese.

  1. Musouka

    2008/08/07 - 10:34 ص

    J-Pop, much like the rest of ‘Pops’, is filled with junk. Artists the likes of KODA Kumi, HAMASAKI Ayumi and AMURO Namie among others have filled our ears with their junk. That’s why I prefer the Indie music scene offered by The Japan Files and can be often found on YouTube.

  2. القطوية

    2008/08/11 - 01:24 م

    “عليها حتة دين صوت… آخ منها بس.”
    عليك إذن بالغض من بصرك، قصدي من سمعك. P:
    لا لشيء سوى أنها تربي كلبا ووضعت صورته في موقعها على يوتيوب. يعني متهمة بمعاداة القطط، ولا أظنك ترضى بذلك.

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