Letting out

Well lemme sorta let out, why you?


because y’all are my number one fans, that and my self-centeredness Mochirion (of course In Japanese.) AND yes from now on you will have to learn some of the Japanese words that I use. Why some of you might wonder? Its my blog, I get to write you get to read.. thats as much option am entitling y’all of. 


so back to letting out.   



feel heavy hearted about the loss of my friend. I know People say that it’s all destined, clichés such as محد يموت قبل يومه


they deny the fact that you kinda freak out that it could happen to you! 


Scary? you betcha, I mean take me as an example (self-centeredness kicking in again).. for all you know I could drop dead the very next minute ( haters keep wishing and one fine day your wish may come true), all my dreams, hopes and aspiration well… simply vanish! 


yeah I know selfish to the bone, but aren’t we all? 


so what or how will I go about my life? just like how I have been prior to this misfortune, wishing that God Almighty gives me more time on his earth hoping that the last minute sums up a whole life’s time.  


Peace (gotta get some calories in the system, this post made me burn few..)  




  1. Arabian Princess

    2008/08/05 - 04:39 م

    You are right that we do freak out about it .. but it also means we are thinking about it the right way. Its not wrong to hope for a long life because it will help to dream and then realise our dreams .. but its also good to be reminded that this life is vanishing .. its sad that we are reminded by the loss of dear ones .. but this is “al duniya

  2. Musouka

    2008/08/05 - 05:39 م

    I remembered that, when my grandfather passed away back when I was a 2nd grader, I told my mom:

    I don’t want to become an old man and end up dying like grandpa

    Alas, or maybe not, growing older is a fact of life; and not an option. Young people, however, think they are invincible. Death is not real in their eyes. Death is only something that comes to the neighbors… then someone you know dies and it all get gloomy and stuff. But before long… life finds its way again.

    I have lost many friends and acquaintances because of car accidents. Most recently, people are dying from heart attacks… stress is killing everyone.

    Father time, I’m running late
    I’m winding down, I’m growing tired
    Seconds drift into the night
    The clock just ticks till my time expires

    You were once my friend
    Now I know I can’t tie your hands
    The days I saved I couldn’t spend
    They fell like sand through the hourglass
    No time to lose, no time to choose

    Time taking time, it’s taken mine
    Scenes of my life seem so unkind
    Time chasing time creeps up behind
    I can’t run forever, and time waits for no one
    Not even me

    An enemy I can’t defend
    My final days a deadly end
    Life’s just a speck in space
    Dreams of an eternal resting place

    I can’t get any younger
    Time has brutal hunger

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