Blunder : A blunder is a spectacularly bad decision or action, a mistake or error with detrimental consequences to the party that makes it. It is typically attributable to faulty perception: the result of not reading signs, or misinterpreting available information. …

So you chug it up, take it like a man as you hear all of that pep talk others would tell you like “ it’s alright, mistakes happen”, “part of your development” or “it’s your first, so it does not count.” But you see, all amounts to nothing, if you look in the mirror knowing that it was simply silly on your behalf. I know how most of us would like to think that we are error free both in our professional lives as well as personal, but here is the reality YOU are bound to make mistakes, and yes it does hurt if you were perfectionist to your bones. Most of us look for someone else to blame, be that another department, a fellow employee or hey its Jupiter and that bastard of a star is after me! You know it though, its no one else but you, and you have to admit it or else lo and behold you shall be a proud member of the denial club!

Then, things can get worst and I mean REALLY worst as doubt creeps to your soul, and you no longer believe that you have it in you; sort of a quicksand predicament.. the harder you struggle the quicker you sink.  Lucky, that was not the case with me, as another situation came up at work and I had to make yet another decision in a room filled with people who bragged about their engineering experience; here is a tip : the minute people start bragging about their expertise , you know that they’ve just did time! Experience maybe, the right experience? I am not so sure. It was satisfying, knowing that you have gone against their line of thinking and saw something these experts missed.

I went back to the office; fiddled with a pencil in my hand and I thought to myself : I guess you win some and lose some.


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