H.R.. Where or how on God’s earth should I start? well lets go with the basics .. HR is an acronym that brings horror to anyone who has sold his life to corporations, an abbreviation to the word (Human Resourcing) which is a department that plays a decisive role in corporations survival anywhere at the rest of the world, but not so much in this part *Middle East. This post is an attempt to show that the word Achaar-pickles in English -pronounced the same- , is more accurate to describe the reality functions of all personnel involved there.





It is an effort to find similarities to look at the greater picture involved and realize : CRAP! They are the same … so here goes :

· Source



Just like HR when it comes to its staff who can hold a degree in anything BUT human resourcing Achaar does not have a dedicated vegetable; it can be anything be it Mangos, tomatoes, or as common as cucumbers.
· Time



Time is vital for Achaar, ask any lady and she is gonna tell you : the longer the better, more like wine. BUT, we are Muslims little too concerned with that God taboos so.. yeah we will stick to Achaar. ANYHOW! The time is takes a vegtiable to fully transfer to an Achaar is the same of processing any H.R related document. Yup.. you are right on the money :damn LONG!
· Behavior patterns



Well… When was the last time you’ve starred at an Achar Jar? See them pickles, are they moving anywhere? Do they seem to be (in the process of?) H.R pretty much does the same (not gather up in a big jar you silly) just sit and wait; no one knows what they are exactly waiting for, but just in case it happens they want to be the first to point their fingers going : we’ve told ya so!



Volume of staff/ size of corporate = Pretty much a lost cause. This can only remind me of GAP, OUTBACK and any other shop which has more staff than customers.
· Mentality




Rotten! If you are a pickle that’s kinda plus! But if you are HR, or even human being for that, dude and dudette so not cool!
· Function



both serve as an auxiliary, like an extra touch of taste to the main course. So if you are HR, or Achaar please smell the coffee and gulp it up for that matter! You my friend need to wake up! WAKE UP..
· Taste


Now don’t get carried away, I never tasted an HR employee *yuck! No offense Ms. Paper, Mr. ADMINTO kinda sounds Spanish now that I have added the “to” to it. But judging by the other stuff that are alike, and knowing the taste of Achaar, my guess you H.R. people kinda taste funny..


Originally, I wanted to have 10 things going on. you know.. like top tens and all. But I ran out of thoughts and what better number to stop at than 7 ? 7 gates to heaven, 7 gates to hell .. so. That is not to say that you can add up to this, please feel free to do so !


To all the H.R. people you rock people we need you so that we can nag and brag that we are doing more serious work 😛 luv ya


P.s: WordPress sucks in English.. Amen.



  1. Arabian Princess

    2007/10/03 - 10:13 ص

    God, sometimes I really wounder is it worth it to put my effort and time in my work when I all get is this :(

    Dont get me started on engineers .. I have my own 10 things I hate about them :p .. but yallah I will let you have it this time shiekh Raed .. and youm’n lak wa yawm’n 3alik .. remmber that :p

    Best Regards,
    A dedicated Human Resources Employee 😀

  2. Raed

    2007/10/18 - 06:42 ص

    you gotta admit AP pick any book that has to do with Human resourcing and tell me are we even half way through ? the only policy and only role that we seem to picture HR to be doing is : Hire and Fire policy .. to develop a fellow human being is something that we are yet to learn …


  3. Arabian Princess

    2007/10/18 - 09:05 ص

    we are not, but heey we are not all that in technology ba3ad .. it doesnt mean we hate on engineers just because thier managers dont want to implement all the new stuff there !!

    we will be there, one day when I become the head of HR :p and I will hire you then dont worry!!

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