A turning point


Always like to remember that this was the turning point of my life; at the time I have received my last warning from my employer and sponsor ( QP Qatar Petroleum, or Qatar’s Punishment as I like to call it) My direct supervisor called me up saying : your dismissal letter is postponed only because I kept saying that you have the potential to be a graduate and a great one too. Raed DO NOT make me look like a fool in front of my superiors. And that was all that it took to change.. For someone to believe in me, I do hope by now that you’ve had one, if not you haven’t looked hard enough.

  1. Arabian Princess

    2007/07/27 - 09:43 ص

    Luckly enough then I had my lectuerer in my first year, otherwise I would have never made it in my first year .. I used to sit at the back, day dreaming and once in awhile he would call my name to answer a question he asks .. he did it many times that I started feeling ashamed and started going to the front row so I wont day dream .. and actually then I started paying more attention to the subject :)

    and yes, I think there is always someone who beleives in us .. we just need to pay attention to those little gestures they make!

  2. Raed

    2007/07/28 - 05:43 ص

    ditto! AP… People can do the slightest thing to show that they believe in you, you just have to be aware of those things.

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