صمتت دهراً ثم نطقت كفراً , ذكرتنا بالصبر و شبهت حالنا وما نحمله من آلام عام بعد عام بآلام المخاض فوددت الرد بالعربية لكني أثرته بلغة القوم


If there is blood to be shed, if there is a tear to be wept, and if there is a pain to be felt then let it all be felt with your own people not with mine. Freedom is what’s sought, and yes for that our grandfathers have fought. But, it is not crumbs that masters give away, nor is it blessings a priest give on Sundays; Madam that is not a price we would like to pay.

These are not birth pangs you are witnessing; these are the cries of thousands whom have lost their homes, wails of hundreds who lost their loved ones. What good is democracy if it can’t be shared with those who I want to be free with?

I would rather be a slave and have my mother than be free without her. Condi, only when you think of us as human beings of blood and feelings not as mere digits of ink… Only then can you solve a conflict of two nations fighting over a land they LOVE.


A Middle Eastern


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