Episode two: Agent pendejo ,The lone warrior.

According to the STTW (Somalia-To-The-World) I shall save his real identity by calling him pendejo.

Pendejo, they’ve stolen my boots man!” I’ve said. I needed someone to sympathies with the loss; someone to understand the magnitude of what I am faced with.

Yes I see that. Raed do you know about Somalia?

The country? Yeah but what does that have to do with anything?

Do you know how many people are dying there out of hunger?


I point to where the boots where last seen, I become speechless like a tennis fan, as I look at him again. Does he not understand? His words are no longer understandable, as they sound like lyrics of a song played at distance.

What are you saying pendejo?

Look, I understand how difficult this is for you, but in compare to Somalis who are dying out of hunger this is hardly..

Do they eat boots? I cut him off.

That’s not what I am getting at.

Well, what are you getting at? How does this make me happy? $hit man! Am depressed even more, Now my boots are stolen and Somalis are dying out of hunger. Listen, if we find them boots I promise we would talk some more about this.

To Be Continued…

pendejo: fool in Spanish


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