Right, so does this mean that , we men, shouldn’t watch the channel to begin with ? I mean the ad feature four women and it ends with (لكي طول الله عمرك ) fair enough, now whenever I surf the channels, and should there be a mistake where I tune in to MBC4, I flip the channel straight away but what bothers me the most is the stupid forms of this so called Hijab these

girls (notice not women) put on.. I mean honestly WTF?

Hijab is a way of life, it is a message you send out there.. It is not a scarf that is on your side on a bad-hair day!

Plus, there seems to be lots of materials used to cover the head, I should know (NO silly I do not wear Hijab but I sure put the headgear on *عقال + غترة and hey plus قحفية or طاقية depending on where you are from).

Point is : doesn’t it bother you to have so much hanging up there? It looks, and do correct me if I am wrong, like it puts a lot of load on the neck! Has there been any chiropractor’s consultation? But hey.. whenever I see the ad goes on I pick my مسباح and spin it counter clockwise going :

ويلك ياللي تعادينا يا ويلك ويل هي!

Then again.. that is just me!


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