I was minding my business this early morning*a rare occasion (waking up early morning + minding my own business) when I saw two Lebanese ladies (can also be referred to as snobs) smoking and I so wanted to approach them and say please get cancer on your own stop feeling generous by serving it to me. But, if I did their first response would be:

Where is the NO smoking sign?

This needs to be changed people. We have to reverse this psychology that is imprinted in the back of our minds in order to win this war against tobacco companies (Damn! I just sounded like George Bush right there) People should be asking: where is the smoking area sign?Where can I smoke?



The norm should be banned smoking everywhere unless allowed where signs are placed, not the other way round! quick spread to ten people that you love and care about, else the Lebanese ladies would steel (your husband or wife ) for good and teach them how to smoke.

  1. Arabian Princess

    2005/11/28 - 07:02 ص

    wallah I agree with you 100% .. I wish I can join an anti smoking organization ..

    wallah I tried, all those who I tried fiercly to stop them from smoking went back again to the habit .. my colleuge was telling me that the situation now is much better, before they even allowed smoking in offices!!

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