Questions that I can’t seem to find a satisfying answer to:

– what is time?
– Is there any form of extraterrestrial life? (Not that it would change my life but I would just like to know) and NO warms on Mars do not count! So spare me NASA freaks.
– How many Arabic cable channels are out there?
– How many Arabic video clips are broadcasted daily?
– How do royal families eat or like any presidential family? does Bush go : Laura Pass the mashed potatoes please? And on Bad days does she go : Don’t you be telling the FIRST LADY to be passing you potatoes Mo*&er Fudger! * Queen latifah is more like it.
– Umm.. Exactly what in the name of God is the American army doing in Iraq?
– Does the amount of money being traded Globally exist? And if not then how is it any different than a Casino? is the world economy run by the mob then?
– WHY do I blog?
– Does anyone read my blog?
– Will there be a day when I fill in my 60 Gig Ipod?
– Will Apple be kind enough to give away an Ipod case the next time I buy one?
– Which means more to Bill, Windows or it’s illegal functions?
– How is it so that bird Flu is spreading now not a decade ago for instance!
– Is there a woman out there, whose yes is actually a yes and whose no is a no?

  1. til-later

    2007/06/23 - 08:54 ص

    I read your blog – one answer
    There is no woman whose yes is yes and whose no is no – another answer

    I decreased the number of your questions by 2

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