777 The day we all went quiet

It was not a day that we wish to forget, it was a day we wish to remember. It was not that we were denied our right to speak; it’s just that we refused to talk.

No longer did we, the consumers in Qatar, wanted to hear about endless Challenges a service provider faces as an excuse. We did not want to be bestowed upon! We only asked for our rights. It’s a service, I pay in return; not a charity that I should accept without complaining.

I for the life of me, did not think that this spontaneity would result in all these people agreeing to all go quiet, think of it for us to agree not to talk: because we have had enough. It was an hour of silence to mourn a loss; a loss of what we could have been not a loss of who we were so on the 7th of July at 7:00 Pm and for only 1 hour, we have all said: NO THANK YOU!.   

It was civilized; we showed are dissatisfaction with refusing to communicate through an entity that promoted itself as the connector. People of different races and tribes, residents and citizens, men and women of all ages came with different educational backgrounds joined a cause. These feelings and convictions of resentment were imbedded in each of us, so close to the surface it only took 140 characters to revive them.


Before you know it, everyone came up with funny, witty and thoughtful tweets to say a single fact: we deserve better, we aspire for more.


And better yet the giant listened to our silence, and just as the poke of a little needle. It was not fatal, but it sure hurt and the giant does not want that feeling again.

It was a day that we have marked as the awakening of a well-informed consumer. 


A Qatari user

  1. Mooni_QAT

    2011/07/10 - 09:04 ص

    yes,the wind of changes pass here too….patience and confidenc are the foundation for CHANGE :)

  2. temsa7

    2011/07/14 - 08:22 ص

    YES indeed, at last all the people in Qatar had a statement to make … to tell a BIG entity that we deserve respect … years ago it was sad when Qataris Nodded their heads accepting whatever they have in the market .. because they underestimated what they can do by making a statement only !! thank you Q-tel Fail you have succeeded in showing the opposite of that… and wish and hope that Qataris will act same wise when they feel they want to… no one can degrade the people… and we are the consumer whom are always ALWAYS right !!

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