To be denied – the comeback –


Throughout my life I was denied things, for reasons out of my hand really! And you thought Qataris didn’t have their share of trouble? Think again..

This is not going to turn into a drama blog entry, but in case you are moved by any of it please donate me money *large sums 6 figure like, in a currency that is worth something.

So there I was a bit tired, I crashed the first chair starring at nothing, and I started hearing this voice in my brain that went like:

Wait what the hell? How did you get yourself into this discussion? And I heard myself talking to someone about my tribe and our origin! I mean 5: 00 PM what was I thinking? I was that tired, I guess I was not thinking after all.

So this guy who will be referred to from now as: GBHH –God Bless His Heart- was like:

GBHH: But you guys are not from there!

Me:    wait, what? I thought we are talking about here!

GBHH: Oh no, forget about here. We are talking about there.. You guys are not even from there!  Placing my roots even farther than those who have claimed it has been.

I chuckled, placing my hands on his shoulder “ I worry, that GBHH Jr. will convince my kids that they are not even earthlings, would he deny them humanity to feel a bit more special?”


On the same day, I receive this invitation to a forum where a country feels like it wants to clarify couple of bombs being thrown somewhere in the middle east and couple of thousand lives nothing serious really (it happens you see!)

So, it went like this:

Excited lady: bring about any confusion in your head we shall explain what really happened.

Startled me: yeah.. I would like to show up and listen.

Excited lady: It’s not a lecture.  Please ask, let us clear all the doubts, all the misconceptions all these little evil thoughts that might grow into something wanted globally!

Confused me: wait I am not asking to speak, or be heard! I am asking to listen, that comes at no cost, right? you cannot deny this right, no one even thought of denying: the right to listen! People love to talk that’s why the thought never crossed their minds!

But you know what?  Prepare yourselves, prepare your kids, your logic and reason to be stripped of everything that you took for granted to be given. Personally, I am all in for it, I think it makes our planet look sexy.

So to GBHH and the excited lady; thank you.. I will continue to prove you wrong by what I do not by what I say. Watch me..


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