..Paint it black

I can still remember the day when I had a can of black miniature model paint and decided to “personalize” one of my room’s electric sockets. It was fun at that time, but a few days later I started to regret what I had done.

When I come to think about it, my attempt at “Home Improvement” was probably driven by the desire to make my room look better. The result was less satisfactory than I was hoping for, but it stayed like that, perhaps as a reminder to myself to think things over before attempting to change something.

I had a feeling that I ruined something precious, and looking back, I probably overlooked the fact that these sockets are very likely to have been produced at a rate even faster than the time it took me to destroy one (aesthetically, at least).

What would be more agonizing, though, is the destruction of something that has taken a long time to produce. It would become more of a predicament if this thing was unique, or had been produced by a collaboration of efforts and was irrecoverable.

Are we all supposed to be braver and accept whatever changes we cause by our own hands and take responsibility for them? What if our decisions are going to affect others who have neither the intention nor desire to participate in such a gamble? All I know, is that the socket in my old room is still black.

  1. Haya

    2010/04/27 - 07:52 ص

    Fahad, let’s say you chose to paint it pink.. then decided to cover it with a manly piece of furniture. Let’s assume it’s a macho desk lamp. The lamp helped you read a book, learn the content and apply it. Hence, there’s self-development and societal impact. Will you still wonder if the 1st step was worth it? Usually when we evaluate our decisions unfortunately we overlook the greater outcome.

    To answer your questions, yes, we should accept the change and even think of the next change. And if our decisions affect others, well they always will directly or indirectly. Someone somewhere will be affected, as long as there’s good intentions, hopefully we’ll do no harm

  2. Raed

    2010/04/27 - 10:12 ص

    well Haya, I just think the shift to pink somehow made me lose track..I saw Fahad’s point of view, and I think yes , we have the tendency in this region to start from scratch instead of continuing in the name of “Oh who are they? and what do they ever know?” .. I was gonna talk about this and still think I ought to even though Fahad stole my thunder.

  3. مبارك

    2010/04/27 - 04:58 م

    You own the socket, you change it. Survivor of the fittest, that’s the way I see it.

    No point contemplating whether some little asian dudes living in the socket got color poisoning or whatever. You feel bad about your change? you change it to something else. At the end of the day, you change it, it doesn’t change you.

    It may be sad for the little asians living in the socket, but the sooner they accept the facts, the better.

  4. مبارك

    2010/04/27 - 05:01 م

    Oh and by the way, kudos for the Rolling Stones reference.

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